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About Moving Packing Services

Our moving packing services are meticulously organized to seamlessly align with your relocation, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition to your new destination. Trust us for expert assistance in managing your packing needs.

Packing Material Price List

Large double wall box 18x18x20 inches £3.50
Medium box 14x15x17 inches £2.70
Tissue paper (per pack) £10.00
Bubble wrap 100m (50cm wide) £20.00
Tape £3.50
Wardrobe box £10.00

Packing Your Entire House

Packing your belongings is a multifaceted task, demanding precision and efficiency. At Santa Removals, we excel in overseeing every aspect of your packing needs, ensuring meticulous care and convenience, guaranteeing a seamless experience.

Our experienced team meticulously plans and executes your packing requirements, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on what truly matters – a hassle-free packing solution.

Preparing for Packing

Efficiently preparing your packing demands meticulous planning and organization. Here are three crucial steps to ensure a seamless packing experience:


Inventory Assessment: Initiate the process with a thorough evaluation of your belongings, facilitating decisions on what to store, donate, or discard, streamlining your packing process.


Strategic Packing: Develop a comprehensive packing strategy by categorizing your items and utilizing top-quality packing materials. Starting early in the packing process minimizes last-minute stress during your storage period.


Communication with Key Parties: Ensure a seamless transition by promptly notifying essential parties about your storage plans. This includes informing utility companies, the post office, and other relevant institutions, while keeping your address up-to-date as necessary.

What We Offer

Our packing services are meticulously designed to simplify your moving process. We offer comprehensive assistance, from carefully wrapping and boxing your belongings to labeling and organizing for easy unpacking at your new destination. Let us handle the packing so you can focus on a smooth transition.

Large Trucks

At the core of our storage services is our fleet of robust trucks, purpose-built to handle substantial loads, ensuring the secure and efficient transportation of your belongings.

Leveraging our extensive experience in managing large-scale storage needs, you can have complete confidence in our meticulously maintained, spacious trucks, skillfully operated by our expert team.

This assurance ensures the timely and secure storage of your cherished possessions, allowing for a seamless continuation of your daily life.

Packaging Electronics

When it comes to safeguarding your electronic valuables during the packing process, we uphold a distinct and meticulous approach. Our specialized team employs cutting-edge materials and techniques to delicately cushion and shield your electronic equipment, including computers, servers, and delicate devices.

At the forefront is our commitment to anti-static packaging, eliminating the risk of static discharge. Our custom solutions are finely tuned to precisely match the size and fragility of each item. With our unwavering expertise, you can trust that your electronics will receive unparalleled care, ensuring their pristine condition throughout the packing and transit journey.

Licensed & INsured

As a licensed and fully insured packing service provider, we place paramount importance on your peace of mind throughout every stage of your packing experience. Our licensing serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to adhering to industry regulations and standards, and our comprehensive insurance coverage provides a protective safety net for your belongings, safeguarding against unforeseen incidents during packing and transit.

Rest assured, your belongings are fortified by our unwavering dedication to professionalism and asset security. With us as your trusted partner, you can expect a packing experience that is not only worry-free but also completely secure.

How It Works

At Santa Removals, our streamlined approach is meticulously tailored to packing services, commencing with an insightful initial consultation, followed by expert packing, and the added flexibility of optional unpacking. All these steps converge to ensure a smooth and successful packing experience for your belongings.

Get an Estimate

At Santa Removals, obtaining a personalized estimate for your packing requirements is a seamless and straightforward process. Connect with us, and our seasoned experts will meticulously assess your distinct needs, delivering a transparent and precise estimate tailored precisely to accommodate your budget and specific packing preferences.


Plan Your Move

At Santa Removals, our seasoned experts work hand in hand with you to intricately choreograph every aspect of your storage experience. This entails crafting a bespoke schedule, intricately coordinating logistics, and ensuring a seamless storage journey. Our holistic planning approach is uniquely designed to minimize disruptions and harmoniously align with your daily routine, making your storage experience truly exceptional.


Schedule Your Move

At Santa Removals, we fully understand the crucial role that timing plays in packing solutions. We offer flexibility in scheduling your packing needs, accommodating your preferences to ensure minimal disruptions and a smooth packing experience for your belongings.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At Santa Removals, our unwavering dedication to excellence is a point of pride. We back our services with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee that envelops every facet of your storage journey.

I moved from Kettering to Liverpool and was impressed by the quote I received and the professionalism of the people I spoke to. I’m sure everyone contemplating a move like this will have sleepless night worrying that something might go wrong. Even if it does then with Santa Removals you don’t need to worry as nothing phases them and the whole thing was done with unbelievable professionalism.

Amazing service from santa removals, I would highly recommend. I will definitely be in touch with Annabelle again in next 6 months when i will be moving out from my rental property.

We use this santa removals for my dad’s move, turn up on time and really helped us. The staff were very polite and friendly. They had all protection for mattresses and other belongings. Thanks!

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